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Covra (Ivan)

Scripter / Abilities

Ivan is an Electronics Engineer by profession, he works maintaining telecommunication equipment and as a consultant in an engineering firm. In his day to day, he faces challenges that he has to solve independently. In the indie game development world, he leverages these skills by taking existing game resources and creating new mechanics in creative ways. 

An inveterate gamer, from a very young age he programmed his own games from Basic on a Spectrum 48K all the way to today in Core (through Unreal, where he has developed VR content in a professional way) Addicted to strategy games, he has devoted countless hours to MMORPGs like WoW (where he was awarded several years in a row as best role-playing GM on private servers). He loves fantasy and history.

Covra (Ivan): Meet the Team

Shrink and Grow

Released 1/31/2021 - [CORE]

Covra's entry into Global Game Jam 2021 and released into Community Content. It framework for shrinking and growing the player and testing it out for development.

Covra (Ivan): Image

Arcade Valley

Released 1/11/2021 - [CORE]

Entered in CORE's Holiday Game Jam. Covra's role in this project was lead developer and scripter. This game is a compilation of classic arcade games in a winter wonderland setting.

Covra (Ivan): Image

Tycoon Z

Released 12/16/2020 - [CORE]

Entered in CORE's Survival Game Jam. This solo development project features an open world where you could craft, build a base and thrive.

Covra (Ivan): Image

Awakening Episode 1

Released 10/26/2020 - [CORE]

Entered in CORE's Spooky Game jam and received an honorable mention. A short first person tale where you must discover the story of a group of people hopelessly trapped. This was a solo development project.

Covra (Ivan): Image

Trailer for Awakening Episode 1

Covra (Ivan): Video

Dead by Night

In Development - [CORE]

Dead by Night is a CORE adaptation of the game Dead by Daylight. Covra has written a custom game state manager, character set up selection screen and skill ability tree for this game. It is a solo developmeng project.

Covra (Ivan): Image
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