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Dreadwood Games

Game: Mage's Gambit 
Category: Game Remaster

We have assembled a team of six talented developers to create a unique and polished game for entry into CORE's invitational game jam. This page is dedicated to details about our team and about our game concept.

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Team Members

The Developers Behind Mage's Gambit

DWG Avatar.png

Dreadwood Games (Andrew)

Team Lead / UI / Game Mechanics

Andrew is a Project Managing Engineer / Scrum Master by day and works on game development in his evenings. He's been a gamer ever since he can remember. During his youth he created several board games with his friends. Later as he entered the work force he gained a knowledge of programming through programming manufacturing equipment (3D Printers, CNC's, Lathe's & Industrial Robots). He has expanded on that knowledge in his spare time, picking up C#, Python, VBScript, Java Script and now LUA. He's written several custom automation programs in various languages and created a D&D NPC Generator in C# to aid his DM in quickly making Campaigns. With three released games in CORE and a background in managing large capital projects he has the experience needed to lead this team to produce a polished, new and exciting experience for CORE players!


Covra (Ivan)

Scripter / Abilities

Ivan is an Electronics Engineer by profession, he works maintaining telecommunication equipment and as a consultant in an engineering firm. In his day to day, he faces challenges that he has to solve independently. In the indie game development world, he leverages these skills by taking existing game resources and creating new mechanics in creative ways. 

An inveterate gamer, from a very young age he programmed his own games in Basic on a Spectrum 48K all the way to today in CORE (through Unreal, where he has developed VR content in a professional way) Addicted to strategy games, he has devoted countless hours to MMORPGs like WoW (where he was awarded several years in a row as best role-playing GM on private servers). He loves fantasy and history.


Khee (Teresa)

Environment Art / Props

Teresa is a freelance illustrator and game artist, interested in concept art and game development. She discovered CORE through the game development boot camp which she thoroughly enjoyed and she has been enjoying making games in CORE ever since!

Khee's work is featured in: 
Pandemic Me - [Web Game] Global Game Jam 2021

Save the Holidays - [CORE] Holiday Jam

Space Werewolves Among Us - [CORE] Game Developer Boot Camp

Discount Dinos - [Godot] Global Game Jam 2020




Lia is a game developer, graphic designer, and content creator. She is part of the Core Game Developer Bootcamp Alumni. She regularly contributes to the community via releasing her work to Community Content and collaborating with other developers.

Lia's work is featured in:

Ceneria Online - [CORE]

Flowery Frolic - [CORE]

Fuster Cluck - [CORE] Game Developer Boot Camp

Coffee Shop RPG - [CORE]


Patrick Walker

Art Lead / Environment Art / Props / Cinematics

Patrick loves everything about design, but especially designing games. The most important thing to him about game design is environmental art and scene design. He prides himself in having gorgeous environments and stunning cinematics in his games. He has created many campaigns in Starcraft 2, his most popular has over 50,000 downloads. He also has an open world puzzle game in development in Unity. He is in the process of transitioning to using CORE as his standard platform and has several active projects in the works.



Abilities / SFX / VFX

BreadStick has been scripting for over three years and contributed to a Roblox Combat game a modeler, scripter and abilities lead. He is a dedicated gamer and has been honing his skills in creating stunning abilities in CORE recently. He specializes in ability SFX, VFX and scripts but also dabbles in UI design and all aspects of game development.

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About Mage's Gambit

Mage's Gambit is an homage to the classic board game; Wiz War. Our adaptation of this game to CORE will be a real time Deathmatch / Capture the Flag round based game. The players will use a deck of ability cards to determine the abilities that are available to them during the game. This deck will be configurable by each player. Each card is either a single use spell or may be a piece of equipment that gives them an advantage over the other Mages.


  • Reconfigurable play board

    • Choose your home zone's rotation before the round starts.​

    • The play board will reconfigure based on the number of players. We plan to initially support 2-4 player games.

  • Multiple win conditions

    • Kill all opponents​.

    • Capture two opponents treasures.

  • Deck Building

    • Use the prebuilt deck or make your own​.

  • Attack Spells​

    • Blast your opponents with fire balls, lightning bolts and other deadly and beautiful magic.

  • Counter Spells

    • Defend yourself against other wizards with spell shields, mage armor and other protective spells.​

  • Neutral Spells

    • Summon a wall to protect your treasure, swap places with an opponent or destroy a wall that's in your way.​

  • Power Spells

    • You're a mage not a nimble thief or athletic fighter. Your base movement speed is slow but that's why you have magic! Speed yourself up or make your other spells more powerful, the choice is yours!​

In addition to the above features we want to explore the following possibilities in the future as we roll this unique game out!​

  • Monetization Possibilities

    • Map Skins - since each player has a home zone we will be able to offer reskins so each player can personalize their zone.​

    • Prop Packs - players can customize their avatar with different mage themed props, staves, wands, spellbooks, familiars, etc.

    • Card Skins - a major aspect of our game is that it is a partial collectible card game and since your spell cards are always up on your screen we can offer themed card skins for your spell deck.

    • Card Packs - again since this is a card based game we will be able to offer card packs that can be purchased to expand your options for what abilities to include in your deck.

    • Themed packs - since we have so many components that can be purchased we can offer bundles. Example - Fire theme pack could include a fire skin for your map, fire staff and spell book, imp familiar and fire themed card designs. All these components could be purchased separately but would be discounted in a bundle.

    • Initially we will make sure that some options in each category are available with in game earned currency.

  • Tournament Possibilities

    • E-Sports style bracket tournament - this game is well positioned to leverage a bracket style tournament with a purse to the top 4 players and the winner of the Final.​

    • Seasonal Rankings - this game also allows us to have seasonal rankings with give-aways at the end of each season that could be any combination of the in game rewards in the above list.

  • Solo PvE Spin off - we could potentially leverage the mechanics of this game and create a single or multiplayer PvE spin off that would leverage the same deck ability mechanics but pit you and your friends against NPC's.

  • More Maps - we will be releasing new player zones and new map configurations.

  • More Players - we would like to expand the map settings so that more than 4 players can participate in a round.

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